About Le Petit

It all began two years ago when Lizelle realised het passion for baking, a passion that grew into Le Petit Artisan Treats Studio-A Bakers haven.

Treasuring everyones request, big or small. Le Petit bakes with only the best quality ingredients Butter, creams ect nothing artificial here. But she does use a little bit of her own magic, Lizelle Solomon creates from the heart! She believes that this secret ingredient ‘baked with love’ is her secret to her success! BAKE-LOVE-SMILE

Winning Lancewood’s Cake-off® this year and having her Summer Berry Swirl Baked Cheesecake Recipe voted as the BEST IN SOUTH AFRICA was a experience any baker dreams of! A trip to NYC being her prize, was a once in a lifetime, tantalising tastebud culinary sensation!

Travelling the world over the years she enjoys to experiment and pairing different tastes. Her Salted Caramel Macaron is a best seller!

Lizelle loves being creative and this reflects in her Cakes and in her breathtaking studio-Everting always topped with some of her artistic flair.

Le Petit-To create your dream for you….

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